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Why Does Language Fail Us Sometime?

Language helps us express our thoughts and feelings on most days. However, there are times when language fails us. It can no longer convey what we’d like to get across. Communication via language becomes complicated when we sustain trauma. Why does this happen? It’s because the networks in our brain that make language ability possible no longer function as they should post-trauma. You will notice that people who have been subject to trauma, often struggle with finding words to express themselves, significantly more than regular people. Not being able to communicate this trauma felt, using language, as we are used to doing takes a toll on the trauma survivor’s mental health.

Thankfully, human communication is not limited to the use of language alone. We can always resort to gestures and other forms of self-expression, such as music/art/dance, and so on. Words are an important medium which enables communication. However, there are many instances when “words fail us”. It could be due to a variety of reasons. It could be because of trauma or simply something as not being able to find the right words, the idea then, is to persevere if one wants to drive across this block in their road to self-expression. Only then can they communicate and truly use language, despite its shortcomings.

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