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Sound Equipment Needed To Host An Open Mic Event

So, you’re planning an open mic night at the office, are you? Perhaps, you’d like to organize regular open mic events to bring in more customers to your café. Whatever be it, you will need specific equipment to be able to host and execute an open mic night successfully. What are they? We list them below.

Microphone – If your venue happens to be bigger than a small-sized room, you will need a microphone. How else do you expect the audience to be able to hear the performer? Get two for performing musicians to amplify the sound output of their instruments too.

Speaker – No-brainer. If you’re getting a microphone, you will also need speakers to broadcast the sound. The number of speakers you will need will depend on the size of your venue. Most venues are amply supplied with only one speaker.

Mixer – No hi-fi mixer required. However, investing in a basic mixer will serve you well. You can plug in the mic for the vocals and that of the instrument. A bigger mixer is a good idea if you plan to progress to hosting larger events in the future.

While several pieces of equipment could help enliven your open-mic nights, those discussed above are the bare minimum you will most necessarily need.

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