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Cognitive Benefits of Language Learning

Being multilingual comes with its share of advantages. Apart from the obvious ones, learning a second language can also have several cognitive benefits. Let’s discuss some of these below –
It helps develop your brain – Having to learn a new language introduces your brain to complex new rules and etymology. The language centres in our brain expand as it works to recognize the structure of the unfamiliar language and how to utilize it. Our reading, negotiating and problem-solving capabilities also get a boost
It keeps away dementia – Multilingual adults experience the onset of Alzheimer’s at a much later age than their monolingual counterparts.
Improves your attention and multi-tasking – A polyglot is constantly on the watch for which language to use when improving the brain’s ability to multitask. They also display more cognitive flexibility and find it easier to adapt to unexpected circumstances.
It sharpens up your decision-making skills – Polyglots are almost constantly needed to judge the nuances and regional expressions of their non-native tongues for appropriateness. Having to continuously practice their decision making makes them confident of their choices.
So, if you thought language learning had only so many benefits to offer, think again.

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