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Instances in Which Failure in Language Learning Occurs

Many people take up language-learning in order to acquire a skill or as a hobby. However, not all of them are successful in being able to learn a new language. Why is this? What are the reasons that some people succeed in language learning and others don’t? We discuss below –

When one waits till they believe they are “ready” – The language learner can only measure how much progress they have made, if they attempt to speak the language they have learnt. If they wait till they think they have learnt the language almost entirely, they are bound to face difficulties in speaking.
When one doesn’t have an encouraging listener – Language learners need social support to keep at their language learning. If they have unhelpful family members and admonishing professors, their language learning will inevitably suffer.
When one no longer feels motivated to learn – If you are beginning to practice a new language and then suddenly forget why you had started learning that language in the first place, you will most likely not feel inspired enough to continue. Loss of motivation can really impact your language learning experience.
There are many reasons why some language learners fail to acquire the languages they set themselves to learning. Only a few of these have been discussed above.

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