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Varieties of the English Language

English is truly a global language and is spoken by billions of people around the world. As a result, it is only natural then that many varieties of the language have come to be developed in time. The oldest version of English is British English, originally spoken in the United Kingdom. However, the form that’s the most popular is American English. Other predominant varieties of English are Australian English, Canadian English, and Indian English. While all of these varieties share the same syntax for the most part, certain words and phrases may differ.

All of these different varieties can be subdivided again into dialects. So, you have Welsh English in Great Britain which is spoken with a different accent than that of mainstream British English. These varieties of the English language only go forward to testify how inclusive the language is. English speakers all over the world can communicate easily despite little gaps of understanding that may arise from these linguistic varieties. 
Apart from these varieties, people who speak English as a second language have also come to combine the language with that of their own, forming hybrid styles such as Hinglish – combination of the Indian language – Hindi – and English.

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