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Limitations of English Language

English may be the lingua franca of the world, but even it has its drawbacks. So, what are some of the limitations of the English language? Let’s learn below –

Rigid duality in grammar and vocabulary– The English language expresses a strong duality. It is either this or that – there is no in-between. As a result, it could become difficult to describe the intermediary states in existence. Eastern languages fare better at acknowledging that there is more to life than absolutes.
Difference in the written and spoken language – The written form of English abides a rigid syntax. Speakers of English take liberties while speaking the language. As a result, the spoken and written form of the language differ by a good measure. As a foreign language learner, this could leave you extremely confused while learning English. 
Different forms exist of the same language – There is American English and then there is British English. Both differ in their spellings and vernacular terms. An English language learner needs to be able to differentiate and not confuse between the two when putting English into usage.
Every language has their individual drawbacks. Discussed above are a few of the limits that using English puts upon you.

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