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More About Language Disorders

Besides, being psychological in origin, language disorders are also genetic in nature. Children are at risk of developing a communication disorder if a member of their family tree suffer or have suffered from a language impairment, at some point. Language disorders are also closely related to other neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and autism. Other causes of developing a language disorder could be a brain injury, congenital disabilities, or pregnancy complications.

How are language disorders treated?

Language disorders primarily manifest in speech, and speech and language therapy has been observed to be beneficial for treating them. Psychotherapy is also used in conjunction to help the individual with a language disorder manage their emotions and behavior.

How can it impact one’s life?

A language disorder can negatively affect a person’s life by hindering their communication with others. Not being able to communicate with others could predispose these people to depression and other mental health problems. 
It is recommended that a parent consult a speech-language pathologist if they notice symptoms of having a language disorder in their child. Prevention isn’t possible as no definite cause behind the condition has been ascertained yet. However, the effects can be significantly reduced with early intervention.

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