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Tour Guide Translation Systems

Tour guide systems facilitate simultaneous portable
translation and have been used for a good while now to conduct bilingual
meetings in several countries. Up to 32 languages can be translated
simultaneously, so it’s a perfect fit for international conferences.

These systems are incredibly easy to set up. How do
they work? The interpreter starts listening in to the speaker conducting the
conference and then translates the conveyed messages as he/she speaks into the
transmitter. The delegates present are able to hear this translated message
without any disruption.

Tour guide systems are
used in other contexts too. They are used in university classes with a
significant percentile of diversity in the student population. As they can be
used outdoors, these tour guide systems can be used for excursions and campus
tours too. Tour guide translation systems can be used for church tours, gallery
tours, museum tours, and so on and so forth. A tour guide system usually
consists of a single transmitter with a hands-free mic to be used by the
interpreter and a number of receivers which the audience will utilize to access
the interpreter’s message. The audience not being able to understand your tour
guide’s speech will never be a problem if you introduce tour guide translation
systems at your workplace.

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