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How Can Gestures Help You Learn a Foreign Language

Gestures help you learn foreign languages. Our communication is more the body language we use and less the words we use. Ever notice how we can often interact with those that don’t speak our language using gestures? There you have it. However, that isn’t our topic of discussion today. How do gestures help learn a new language? Well, gestures help you memorize and recall. Say, you are learning an action word and you perform the action while speaking the word out loud, you will be able to form a more durable connection between your mind-body, which will allow you to remember the foreign word better.
You will also be able to recall it more easily similarly when you perform the action. The use of visual aid in learning languages has always been acknowledged. Using gestures works similarly, you just act on that cue instead of simply picturing it in your head. Now, using gestures can only work for the simpler words and phrases. Seldom do we use gestures to convey complex concepts. However, if you are trying to learn a foreign language, gestures will work immensely well as a supplementary aid which will enable you to form stronger mental cues to rely upon. So, use gestures the next time you are trying to learn a new foreign word and watch how that works out!

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