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Learning a new language while commuting

It is a whole new pleasure to order something in the local language when you travel abroad. Learning a foreign language nowadays is a far cry from the time you were forced to sit in a room with other learners and chant repeatedly the same foreign word. The room and the instruction teacher are now substituted by a smartphone.
Learning a new language through an app is now so easy that you can do it while commuting to work and back. Best of all, the app company offers you rewards when you make progress. If you want a professional certification, the app teaches you the complete syllabus.
Most of these apps break the language into easily digestible chunks. The learner is taken through the basic words, their respective pronunciation, and they test whether you progress by instructing you to speak to the microphone. Learners type in the taught phrases and read new words. Complex words are conveyed via the use of visuals. In short, the app does help you to speak, to read, and to write. A few apps record sentences said by native speakers. These are then conveyed to the learner for contemporary learning.

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