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A Brief Study of Gen Z Slang

You may think it’s enough to know your millennial slang, but another generation is fast approaching. With them comes their fresh unique lingo. The older generation is always trying to make sense of these new word inductions into everyday language. We attempt to make their task a little easier by sharing some of the most used Gen Z slang words below –
Basic – Used to describe someone regular and ordinary.
Banger – A music track that is especially noteworthy.
Dank – Of high quality.
Deadass – An expression of total agreement.
Extra – A person who isn’t afraid to flaunt their flamboyance.
Doggo/Pupper – A more fashionable and relevant way of referring to dogs and puppies.
Fuckboi – A womanizer who has no respect for women and only desires sexual gratification from them.
G.O.A.T – Greatest Of All Time
Ghosting – The act of ignoring one’s communications after having been constantly in touch with them for a significant duration.
Hangry – The feeling of anger one experiences when hungry
Hard – Used to describe something someone finds cooler than usual.
Hella – A lot of.
Salty – Another word for jealous.
Shook – The state of being shocked.

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