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Why Can Artificial Intelligence Be The Future Of Corporate Training?

The application of Artificial Intelligence has been steadily growing in the conventional classroom setting as well as for corporate training programs. While at present very few employees take leverage from the AI-based platforms, it will be hardly surprising when such a technical advancement will have a massive role to play in the future of training delivery in a corporate setup.

Artificial Intelligence will enable easier measurement of training outcomes and results

AI will allow trainers and management to measure training outcomes successfully, which makes it so appealing in a corporate workplace. The data can then be utilized to motivate employees by assigning inter-office rankings. The same data can be also used for identifying which employees satisfy the parameters for a promotion.

The productivity of Artificial Intelligence is higher than traditional classroom settings

Every time training is conducted in a classroom, all the selected employees have to be pulled out from their regular duties to attend. On the other hand, training conducted across multiple sessions can put a lesser load on the workforce as they attend in batches and take turns to learn the fresh modules from their trainer. When online training modules are used, employees need not move out of their desks while being engaged with the training material simultaneously. Such flexibility enables them to opt for a time slot when they are not busy with paperwork, other meetings, or phone calls, which can all act as distractions.

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