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Children should start learning a new language by 10 to speak proficiently

According to several studies, students who are 11-year-old and above can pick up a foreign language but are not so prompt in language fluency or grammar of that language. A key study claimed that 10 is an important cut-off age to begin learning a new language. Some experts also opine that once children cross this cut-off age, it is tough to converse in another foreign language like a native.
At the same time, these experts also feel that teens enjoy an advantage as compared to adults when it is about learning foreign grammar. These findings were put forward on the basis of an analysis done by scientists of the MIT on a quiz that was taken by about 670,000 participants. However, it is a known fact for years now that children are faster in picking up new languages.
The study though went one step ahead by stating that the grip over a foreign language is better if a person starts learning it as early as possible. There was not much difference noticed between children who began a 10 or started learning the new language at birth. However, there is a marked declined once the cut-off age of 10 is crossed.

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