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Keep your team members connected when they went to work from home remotely

A study conducted by Telework Survey revealed that about 79% of global workers have either telecommuted or have been telecommuting at some time or the other. Both the employers as well as remote employees are in a win-win situation. While for employees, working remotely means greater flexibility and avoiding traffic congestion, and taking better care of the family, employers can save a lot of overhead costs. Plus, they are able to recruit a larger number of talents. Here are some of the ways you can keep your remote teams connected:

Remote meetings or teleconferencing should be a part of your organizational culture

Many organizations are found to be in the habit of skipping teleconferencing or remote meetings by using instant messaging applications such as Skype or Slack. However, by doing so, these employers overlook the fact that viewing the other participants and their inflection, intonation and body language is not possible. These are all necessary for conducting effective communication.

Assign a mentor to each remote employee

Although your organization could be using many popular remote or telecommuting tools such as Skype, Zoom, or Slack, there could be still gaps in communicating as far as the remote workforce is concerned, especially in emergency situations. When a mentor is assigned to a remote employee for supervising a specific project, the duo can help in reducing delay and confusion. A remote employee knows who to approach in case there is urgency and he/she is in a dilemma.

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