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When Should You Choose a Remote Interpreter Instead of a Local Interpreter?

Remote interpretation uses video or audio conferencing to facilitate verbal translation between people. A reputed provider like Globibo can help you with professional translation and interpretation services, including ad-hoc as well as pre-scheduled Consecutive Interpretation (CI) and/or Simultaneous Interpretation (SI).

When Should You Choose a Remote Interpreter Instead of a Local Interpreter?

When it comes to interpretation services, choosing a remote interpreter offers several advantages over a local interpreter:

· According to a survey, “more than 75% of the respondents recommend remote interpreting for meetings with speakers of foreign languages.”

· From schools and hospitals to court rooms and conference rooms, remote interpreters are preferred for easy accessibility and budget-friendliness.

· Compared to on-site interpretation, remote interpretation saves time and provides better access to a large pool of trusted interpreters for specific topics and rare language pairs.

· In case of emergencies, remote interpretation can prove beneficial for roadside or medical assistance.

· While remote interpretation is easy to execute owing to minimal or no onsite infrastructure, it is safe and also saves money.

· According to an estimate, “remote interpretation services cost 50% less than traditional interpretation services.”

Globally, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is the fastest-growing, on-demand interpretation service. If you are looking for a remote interpreter, look no further. With highly experienced remote interpreters and specially designed remote interpretation systems, Globibo supports more than 50 languages for interpretation. Get in touch with Globibo today.

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