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What is the difference between a medical translator and a medical interpreter?

Often, medical interpreters and medical translators are believed to be the same. Both fields of talent need specific knowledge and education, along with language proficiency and certifications from authorized institutions. Did you know that they are very different from one another?

Who is a medical interpreter?
Medial interpreters connect patients with healthcare providers by bridging the cultural and language barriers. They are similar to mediators, but they need a profound knowledge of medical terminology in source and target languages. As a medical interpreter, you must be proficient in both languages as you must be able to translate for both sides. You must also be able to understand body language, facial expressions that the patients show, to be able to describe their symptoms clearly.

Who is a medical translator?
Accuracy is the key to become a medical translator. If you are a medical translator, precision is vital as you will be translating medical content such as product information, patient case report, clinical trials, scientific journal articles, and anything related to the pharma industry. You need to have in-depth knowledge about the local laws as well as several countries have rigid regulations. A small mistake from your end can change essential medical procedures or the composition of the medicine. It would help if you had multiple levels of proofreading and content control to ensure that the content is precise.
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