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How To Use An Audience Response System At Work

Technology has come a far way. Now, you have technological tools like audience response systems that help speakers hold audience attention at a long meeting or conference. An audience response system is basically a combination of software and hardware that enables data collection from the audience and its transfer to the speaker. The speaker can then use this data as feedback to tailor the rest of their speech.
There are many benefits to incorporating an audience response system at work. It allows the speaker or chairperson of a meeting to comprehend how many members present are really paying attention or even understanding the proceedings. 
An audience response system makes the audience feel important, and so, they are more willing to engage. Also, these systems track answers anonymously. It is not the same as having a person raise their hand and answer a query. So, it takes away from the fear of questioning authority. 
Not only for meetings, but you can also utilize these to understand the wants and desires of your employees by running polls in the workplace. You can use them as an icebreaker to communicate with your employees better. We suggest you get one of these for your office now!

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