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Pitfalls for Inexperienced Language Translators

Language translation is a diverse field, unlike many other careers. So, it is hardly surprising that people from diverse areas are attracted towards it. Irrespective of whether someone has to translate a copy of a marketing brochure for a travel agency, create technical manuals for the aerospace subject or work on complicated legal documents, there are innumerable options for language translators in the market but here are a few pitfalls, when you hire an inexperienced language translator for any assignment.

Pitfall 1: Failure to do effective time management

An attractive option for many freelance language translators is that they can work as per their own flexible hours. But, the problem with some new translators is that they are not able to manage their time. After all, translation is quite a demanding career and when a translator cannot assure of giving ample time and work in an uninterrupted manner, progress could be difficult. And though these translators may succeed in managing their time, they are vulnerable to make big mistakes due to lack of experience. 

Pitfall 2: Overestimating their abilities

There are several inexperienced translators who ignore the fact that they should make proper sense of a document’s contents before translating it. Many new translators tend to agree to do translation work for fields in which they do not have any type of prior experience or knowledge. So, there is no wonder that chances of disaster become high.

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