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Origin Of The English Language

Today, English is the lingua franca of the world. Almost 7 billion people all over the world speak the language in some measure. English developed in three phases, starting from the invasion of Britain by Germanic tribes. We call the language spoken between 450-1100 AD – Old English. 
Old English and the English that we speak today have almost no similarities. But most of the words we have in English today actually originate from Old English.
The second stage of the development of English language happened with the French invasion of England in 1066. During this time, English and French frequently intermingled, resulting in many words being borrowed from one to the other language. 
The form of English in currency then was Middle English. The English we speak today, developed around 1500, with the author William Shakespeare, contributing heavily to the grammar and vocabulary of the language. 
English is one of those languages that continue to change and evolve. With so many speakers all around the world, it is only natural that it accommodates fresh words every year. It does so in an attempt to give an outlet for unhindered expression. There can be no debate that English is quite possibly the most inclusive language to ever be.

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