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How Internet Has Changed the English Language?

It cannot be denied that the Internet has had a very significant impact on the English language. While purists still complain that the Internet has ruined the popular understanding and usage of English grammar and vocabulary – they too, cannot ignore the benefits that the English language has received, as a result.
The Internet Has Popularized the Several Dialects of English – The Internet is used by English speakers hailing from different geographical areas. These people often speak different dialects of the same language. The Internet has brought focus on these different dialects of English and made the masses aware of their existence.
It Has Formed New Rules of Grammar and Given Rise to a New Vocabulary – Internet abbreviations may have seemed like the death of communication in English at first, but they have only updated English vocabulary to suit the times. A YOLO takes half the time to type than the entire phrase. English is less elitist today than it used to be, thanks to the Internet. The language is also less-Eurocentric. People across the world are becoming aware of how the language is used by different cultures and across nations. New rules of grammar are being formulated which unite all of these people in their common usage of the same.

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