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How Sanskrit Is The Mother Of All Languages

The Indian language, Sanskrit, is often espoused as the mother of all languages. How much of this is true? Sanskrit is the oldest language to have existed. So naturally, the languages that we have now, be it European like Spanish, Italian, and English, or Asian, like Urdu, Hindi, and Korean, have all branched out from Sanskrit.
There is little debate as to the origin of most contemporary Indian languages. It has been widely accepted that Sanskrit gave birth to many North Indian and Dravidian languages. Sanskrit also displays an uncanny similarity to both Greek and Latin – the sources for most European languages. 
Sanskrit is thought of as a holy language in India as most of their religious texts were written in Sanskrit. The language though is not very relevant in today’s time, at least when it comes to communication. However, if you are interested in history and academics, you will find the study of Sanskrit fascinating. 
Likewise, you could also learn Sanskrit briefly, to compare its similarities with the languages prevalent now. Mother of languages or not, Sanskrit is a rich and textured language that will add to your learning and personality.

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