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October’s Top Trending News

Top News of Language Learning 

    1. Is it necessary to learn Hindi when I am in India – Link
    2. Tips for Selecting the Right Foreign Language to Learn – Link
    3. Are Group Language Courses as Effective as Individual Language Courses? – Link
    4. Creative Words launches “Human Approved” certification of AI-generated content – Link
    5. MeetUp makes multilingual meetings painless – Link
    6. Bilingual: Providing BPO services to LSPs everywhere – Link
    7. The Linguistic Service Sector Between Rhetoric and Reality – Link
    8. Wordly Adds 20 Languages and Reaches 1,000 Customers – Link
    9. Literary Nobel Prize Spotlights Language Preservation – Link
    10. launches the world’s most advanced language analysis Insight platform – Link
    11. ALCA: Pioneering the Transformation of Africa’s Language Services Sector – Link
    12. Language I/O Announces Premier Partnership at Chatbot Summit ExCeL London 2023 – Link
    13. Lingua Custodia proves conclusively that it is possible to develop cutting-edge generative AI tools without a 10M€+ investment! – Link
    14. Flitto advances its Arabic language data scaling initiative with the new “Flitto Arcade” event following feature updates – Link
    15. ALC president Karen Decker sees bright future for language service – Link

    Top News of Translation / Interpretation 

    1. Transcribe Faster with These Top Transcription Tips – Link
    2. How to Proofread Written Work – Top Tips – Link
    3. Proofreading Mistakes You Must Avoid – Link
    4. Microsoft Says the ComSL Model Outperforms Other Models in Speech Translation – Link
    5. Automating Machine Translation Quality Estimation Gains Traction – Link
    6. How Effective Are Large Language Models in Low-Resource Language Translation – Link
    7. Adobe Shares a Sneak Peek of New AI Dubbing Feature – Link
    8. Japan’s Hospitals Need More Professional Medical Interpreters – Link
    9. The Case for Contextual Evaluation in Measuring LLM Translation Quality – Link
    10. Leading Insurance Company Recruits ‘AI Localization Analyst’ – Link
    11. How SWISS TXT Sees AI Changing Accessibility Services and Technology – Link
    12. How Prompting by Humans Improves Machine Translation – Link
    13. Generative AI-based Translation Technology from memoQ – Link
    14. 3 Compelling Reasons to Keep Developers Out of the Translation Process [2024] – Link