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Empowering learning for the Vietnamese delegation through business training!

Singaporean College has forged a robust partnership with Globibo to elevate and enrich its business training program, catering to a cohort of 16 Vietnamese delegates. This collaboration heralds a new era of innovative educational practices, firmly grounded in the global landscape.

At the core of this transformative partnership is the deployment of an advanced mobile interpretation system, seamlessly integrated into the curriculum and coursework. This technology, expertly supported by Globibo’s dedicated and seasoned team of language professionals, has redefined the way students interact and comprehend during various learning experiences.

One of the most notable aspects of this collaboration is its impact on communication, especially during school and factory visits. The mobile interpretation system has not only broken down language barriers but has also enriched the depth of understanding and engagement. It has enabled Vietnamese delegates to fully participate in lectures, discussions, and hands-on experiences, fostering a more holistic and immersive learning environment.

This strategic alliance represents a significant milestone in the realm of cross-cultural engagement and educational cooperation. The exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences between Singaporean College and the Vietnamese delegates is fostering a global perspective, equipping students with the skills and competencies required in today’s interconnected world. It is a testament to the power of international partnerships and the potential for transcending geographical and linguistic boundaries in the pursuit of knowledge and collaboration.

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