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Most difficult languages to learn

Trying to learn a new language but facing more
roadblocks than you anticipated? Maybe it’s not all your fault. These following
languages are among the most difficult to learn. Browse through the list to see
whether the language you’re learning figures among them –

Mandarin is rich with idioms and aphorisms unfamiliar to a foreign language
speaker. Every sound in its phonetic transcription system has four separate
pronunciations and makes learning Mandarin a headache for most language
Finnish has 15 different noun cases as opposed to English’s three. You can
guess why mastering Finnish would be a task.
Arabic – Arabic
is not an easy language to learn. First, it has various dialects. Then, its
vowels are not included in writing and the letters have four different forms
for where they’re placed in a word.
Russian requires you to memorize an entirely different alphabet. The vowels are
alien and the spellings can be challenging to learn.
Japanese has three separate writing systems with their own independent
alphabets. You have to memorize thousands of characters before you can even
begin to write in Japanese.

The languages listed above are some of the most
difficult to master in the world. So, is the language you’re learning on it?

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