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Easiest languages to learn for English speakers

So you want to learn a new language but are pressed for time. Why not pick a language that you can pick up more easily than others. Like English, most European languages originate from the Germanic family. So if you have a good base in one, it isn’t very difficult to learn the others. Here are some of the easiest languages you can pick up as an English speaker –

·         Norwegian – Norwegian shares a good part of its vocabulary with English. Moreover, the word order is the same in both languages. Also, Norway has many accents, so your accent wouldn’t be a problem when learning Norwegian.

·         Afrikaans – The pronunciations and phonetics of Afrikaans are comfortable for English language speakers.

·         Spanish – Spanish is not from the same language family but shares a lot of similarities with the English language, making it an easy language to learn for those who already know English.

·         Swedish – English and Swedish have a lot of cognates i.e. words that stem from the same source, in common. The word order, again, is similar to English. The rules of grammar are fairly easy too.

Wondering which language to learn as an English speaker? Give these a try.

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