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Factors that influence language learning

All of us pick up our primary language quite easily when compared to a secondary language. Then again, some of us appear to be more skilled at language acquisition than others. What are the factors that come into play while learning a new language? Let’s discuss a few below-
 Age – Children pick up languages much faster than adults. Motivated adults perform well at language learning too, but struggle when compared to children.
 Personality – Extroverts are risk-takers and less critical of themselves. Introverts doubt their learning ability more. So, extroverts learn faster than introverts as they seek out opportunities to communicate in the language they happen to be learning.
 Learning environment – Are they learning the language from the comfort of their home? Are they part of a second language class? Is this class engaging or boring? All of this plays a part in how well a student is able to acquire a new language.
 Motivation – How willing the student is in learning a new language determines how proficient he/she will be in it. If the person is keen on learning the language, this keenness will reflect on their learning ability.
These are some of the factors that influence language learning.

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