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Mental Health Vocabulary (Part 1)

It doesn’t do well to be unaware of mental health terminology in the current times. Every second individual is subject to one or another mental health complaint. One must be sensitive towards them, and to do so, one must first acquaint themselves a little with what these conditions are. The below list attempts to summarize the most commonly used words in mental healthcare –
Anxiety – Anxiety refers to feelings of instability and dread. A person suffering from anxiety may find it more difficult from completing their day-to-day tasks than others.
Behavioral Therapy – Therapy that seeks to set right destructive forms of behavior that interferes with an individual’s mental wellbeing.
Bipolar Disorder – A mental health disorder characterized by periods of mania and depression.
Clinical Psychologist – A medical professional with a doctor’s degree in performing therapy.
Cognitive Therapy – Similar to behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy seeks to correct harming patterns of thought.
Delusions – Thoughts which are ungrounded from reality.
Dementia – Loss of cognitive facility.
Depression – Mood disorder characterized with intensely low feelings which extend for weeks.
General Practitioners – GPs usually work in a community setting.
Hallucinations – Experiencing sensations which aren’t real.

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