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A Short Glossary of Musical Terms (Part I)

Music, like every subject, has certain words and phrases unique to it. Anyone keen on learning music or about music would do well to make themselves aware of the following music-related terms –
A cappella – Vocalists performing without any accompanying instrumentation
Adagio – A slow and restful tempo
Allegro – Lively and fast music
Beat – A unit of music measurement
Cadence – An arrangement of chords that signals the end to a musical piece or movement
Choir – Group of singers singing together
Chord progression – A sequence of chord i.e. to be played successively
Clef – Usually found at the beginning of sheet music detailing the pitch at which the notes are to be played
Concerto – A musical piece written for a singular instrument
Contralto – Lowest singing female voice
Duet – Music written for two vocalists or musicalists
Dynamics – The volume of the musical composition
Encore – Impromptu and reactionary musical performance to greet audience applause and request for more
Ensemble – A performance of all instrument or vocalists singing in an orchestra
Falsetto – Usage of a male voice in a manner as to resemble a female voice

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