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A Short Glossary of Musical Terms Part 2

In our previous article, we introduced to our readersa compilation of terms which are closely associated with music. We follow up here with some more such termsused commonly as part of musical terminology thatanyone interested in music should be aware of –
Accent – Stress significantly in a rhythmic manner,  in a part of the verse
Andante – At moderate tempo
Ad lib – Short for ad libitum,  which is Latin for having artistic freedom to sing a song according to the singers wishes
Arpeggio – The notes of a song are played in quick succession.
Crescendo – Getting louder in stages
Decrescendo – Getting softer in stages
Enharmonic – Different notes in name but indicative of the same pitch
Leading note – The seventh note of a musical scale
Octave – Notes that are a full scale apart
Pentatonic Scale – Musical scale that consist of only 5 basic tones
Quintet – A 5-member musician groupperforming a musical piece of five parts
Semitone – Half of a tone
Sharp – To raise the pitch of a note by a semitone
Staccato – To sing or lay without any active involvement

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