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Maintaining Integrity In Online Tests

Crafting an online quiz could be a tough task. Rigid tests
like disallowing students to review their own answers could hinder learning and
may actually be counter-productive. It is important to know the goals of the quiz
prior to making its structure. It is hard to make sure that students do not
cheat during the examination. Criminal activities can, however, be curtailed
with a little effort. It follows that quiz settings must be thoroughly
reviewed. One way is to jumble the order so that different students get the
same question paper-but the questions are in a different order.
Other than questions, you can shuffle the answers as well.
Randomize both questions and answers. Choosing the only answer shuffle option
will shuffle answers but the questions will come in the same order to all
students. A time limit is another option to minimize cheating. This restricts
the quantity of time a student enjoys for each question. The time could vary as
per the complexity of the question. It is to be kept in mind that giving excess
time will enable students to consult each other. They may also share answers.
You can allow multiple attempts on the same question or once only. 

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