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Transcription general rules

Transcription is hard work. It is a good idea to consult an
expert before one starts to transcribe. It is important to apply the correct
technical codes. This will reduce the frequency of changes or corrections which
may be needed later on. It is to be noted a single transcription work could
have multiple sources. If the number of sources is more then two, then it is a
good idea to maintain a database. This would assist to maintain due control of
the content in question. Whatever happens, the raw files must be kept in a
separate back-up to solve any future problems which may crop up.
In case, a certain portion of the proffered information
cannot be understood, it is advisable to insert special codes inside the
transcript. This will help later on to do the computer search. The material can
be reviewed when it is needed to do so. A preliminary review is a must before
the transcription document is submitted to the client. Since all jobs of this
kind are now done in a computer, editing features should be turned off during
work. This ensures the accuracy of the work done. A non-proportional font
should be used to do the task. 

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