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Languages With More Than One Script

Many languages across the world have multiple writing systems. Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic languages, for example, use more than one writing script. Multi-script languages can be extremely challenging to learn. Let’s take a look at some of these multi-script languages –
 Serbian – The Serbian language can be written in Latin or Cyrillic alphabet. However, the alphabets to the two correspond quite nearly with each other – to the relief of Serbian speakers.
 Shilha – The Berber language spoken all over Morocco can be penned down in Latin, Arabic, and Tifinagh.
 Japanese – Japanese uses three different scripts predominantly. These are – Kanji, Hirangana, and Katakana.
 Sanskrit – Sanskrit which started as an oral language in the Indian sub-continent can be written in all major South-east Asian, Indian and Tibetan scripts (these are the places it enjoyed the most popularity). It has no native script of its own. Khmer, Brahmi, Kharosthi are some of the scripts used to write Sanskrit.
 Chinese – Chinese is written in the traditional Chinese script, i.e. used in Taiwan and the simplified Chinese script, i.e. used across the People’s Republic of China.
Don’t want to confuse yourself too much? Skip learning these languages.

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