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How to improve listening skills in a foreign language

Listening forms an integral part of picking up a new language. It forms the basis of all  communication. If you cannot understand what you’re hearing, you need to brush up on your language listening skills. Also, listening requires immediate response unlike writing or reading which allows us enough time to revise our understanding of the language. Here are some steps that will improve your foreign language listening skills –
 Set your perception of your skills straight – Brace yourself for not understanding what is being spoken and be okay with it.
 Listen as frequently as possible – Tune into a radio show, TV programme or podcast in the second language while doing your household chores or running an errand.
 Watch movies in your target language – The visuals will aid your auditory comprehension and you won’t lack motivation for this activity.
 Try to avoid translating into your native tongue first – Focus your attention on the speaker and comprehending his dialogue instead of translating in your head.
These steps should help you with your language listening skills and make you more proficient in your language of choice. So listen all you can!

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