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Psychology of Language Learning

Learning a foreign language can be difficult despite having all required resources at hand if you’re not in the correct frame of mind. The following qualities influence how easily a person can pick up a new language-
• Grit – Learning a new language can take time and may contain numerous setbacks along the way. The language learner should inculcate persistence in himself to face these challenges that crop up.
• Growth Mindset – Language learners need to give up a fixed mindset which says that competence in language learning is a function of fixed ability. Those with a growth mindset believe their abilities can be developed.
• Competence – Language learners need to assure themselves that they can cope with the hurdles that come with language learning.
• Control – When a learner can choose his techniques of learning, he feels more empowered. He can no longer blame extraneous circumstances for his failures.
• Connectedness – Learners feel more encouraged to put in an effort into their learning when they feel more connected to their teachers, peers, institution and the language itself. They may lose interest in learning the language if they don’t feel a connection with it.
The way a language learner views themselves can greatly determine their prowess in learning a new language.

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