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How is Virtual AGM Conducted?


As businesses adapt to the digital era, the concept of conducting a virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) has gained prominence. A virtual AGM allows companies to hold their important shareholder meetings remotely, leveraging technology to facilitate seamless communication and engagement. In this article, we will dive into the process of conducting a virtual AGM, exploring the key steps and considerations for a successful remote meeting experience.

Selecting the Right Technology Platform

The first step in conducting a virtual AGM is to choose a reliable and secure technology platform. Various virtual meeting platforms offer features specifically designed for conducting AGMs, such as video conferencing, screen sharing, and live chat. It is essential to select a platform that can accommodate the expected number of attendees, provide interactive features, and ensure data privacy and security.

Preparing the Meeting Agenda and Documentation

Like any traditional AGM, a virtual AGM requires a well-prepared meeting agenda and relevant documentation. The agenda should include key items such as financial reports, election of directors, and any other matters requiring shareholder approval. All necessary documents, including financial statements, proxy forms, and voting instructions, should be prepared in advance and made easily accessible to shareholders through a secure online platform.

Ensuring Shareholder Access and Participation

To ensure a successful virtual AGM, it is crucial to provide shareholders with clear instructions on how to access the meeting and participate remotely. This may involve sending out unique login credentials, meeting links, and detailed instructions on how to join the virtual meeting. Adequate technical support should be available to assist shareholders who may encounter difficulties accessing the meeting or using the virtual platform.

Facilitating Shareholder Engagement

Engagement and interaction with shareholders are key elements of an AGM. Virtual AGMs can incorporate features such as live Q&A sessions, real-time polling, and chat functions to facilitate shareholder engagement. Moderators or designated individuals can manage the flow of questions and ensure that all shareholders have an opportunity to participate and voice their opinions during the meeting.

Electronic Voting and Proxy Processes

Virtual AGMs often provide electronic voting and proxy processes to facilitate efficient decision-making. Shareholders can cast their votes electronically on resolutions using a secure online voting system. Proxy voting can also be facilitated through the virtual platform, allowing shareholders to appoint a proxy and submit voting instructions electronically.

Recording and Archiving the Meeting

Recording the virtual AGM is important for future reference and compliance purposes. The meeting can be recorded using the virtual meeting platform’s recording feature or through dedicated recording software. The recording should capture all relevant discussions, presentations, and voting results. Archiving the recorded meeting, along with meeting minutes and other documentation, ensures accessibility and transparency for shareholders who may wish to review the proceedings.


Conducting a virtual AGM opens up new possibilities for organizations to hold important shareholder meetings remotely. By selecting the right technology platform, preparing the agenda and documentation, ensuring shareholder access and participation, facilitating engagement, enabling electronic voting and proxy processes, and recording the meeting, companies can successfully conduct virtual AGMs while ensuring shareholder involvement and compliance with regulatory requirements. Virtual AGMs provide convenience, cost-effectiveness, and increased accessibility for shareholders, reflecting the evolving landscape of corporate governance.

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