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How Does Language Affect Learning?

Research has found that language has a definite impact on learning ability. Often children do not do well in the academic context as only a particular type of writing is used in academia which alienates the student. Academia demands that students use this form of language alone. 
Children who are used to employing language in several fashions find this approach dry and off-putting. Academics should try to expand their usage of language to welcome in the diversity of communication displayed by children. By doing this, they will be encouraging the students to learn more. 
It boils down to the age-old question – is the message more critical or the style in which it is conveyed? The message is important, of course. But you do not reach on to the message if the style is inaccessible. 
The style needs to be one that encourages the receiver of the message towards learning it. Language difference between the language used by children and academics need not affect the language learning of children. Their difference should not push them to a disadvantage. 
Does language affect learning then? Yes, a hundred times. After all, knowledge is disseminated using language, and one must be able to comprehend this language to absorb the learning.

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