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Factors That Influence Language Learning

Language learning and acquisition is not an isolated process. There are many factors involved that can encourage or impede this process. What are these?
Interest – Is the child willing to dive deep into learning the language or is he/she being forced by their teachers or parents to do so? A child’s interest plays a crucial role in how fast he/she is able to pick up a new language. If they are genuinely interested in learning the language, they will be self-motivated. This would also make language acquisition easier.
Support – Are they receiving adequate support from family or their school? If a child is stuck in their path to acquiring a language, are they being helped/encouraged by those in close proximity? Or is their effort being devalued, and are they subject to derision for their failure? Familial or educational support can go a long way in helping a child learn a new language.
Teaching ability – Not every teacher can ease a child into language learning. Language learning can be difficult, and a child needs to be introduced to a fun environment that encourages this learning. Immersive tools and teaching strategies can significantly profit the language learning efforts of a child.

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