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How Can You Learn Typesetting?

Before we begin discussing how you can learn typesetting, let’s understand what the term means. Typesetting, simply put, is the arrangement of text on a page, which makes it look attractive while being readable at the same time. The practice is named after the metal press which was used to typeset in the earlier days.
Today, typesetting is mostly carried out digitally using design software. An individual seeking to learn typesetting must learn about the various inherent elements such as – the significance of typefaces, letter size, text placement, and color used. They must understand what the needs of the medium are. For example, a flyer which is to be posted outdoors needs to have bold and bright colored lettering, to catch the attention of passersby. While a degree in design could help individuals looking for a career in typesetting, it is not always required. You do, however, need to have a keen eye for detail and a creative vision to become a successful typesetter. You can pick up books on typesetting to learn how to better your typesetting skills or you could even utilize online resources. You could choose to typeset for people or apply for typesetting internships at editorials or publishing companies. Typesetting can help you make a career in design and get you the recognition you are looking for. 

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