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Skills You Need to Be a Proofreader in 2020

Whether you are looking at taking up freelance proofreading jobs to make a little extra earning or wishing to make a career in proofreading, here are the skills you will require –
  • Sound grammar and spelling sense
  • Good vocabulary
  • Patience
  • Detail-orientation
  • The ability to work in a team

You will need an educational degree in English specifically to become an English language proofreader, and having one could improve your chances of landing a proofreading job. In addition to this, if you have experience in editing, you are likely to be preferred by the company over other job applicants. Besides being well versed in language and grammar, attributes like patience, teamwork, and detail-orientation are important qualities that a proofreader should have to be successful in 2020. A proofreader is usually required to work in collaboration with editors, authors and typists and should know how to be a team player. Patience is key when your work involves going through lengthy documents and checking them for errors. The ability to pay attention to detail is valued in a proofreader for the same reason. Practice proofreading and put together a portfolio, you will have the proofreading job you want in no time. You could find success in the publishing medium, the newspaper industry, or a multinational corporate with a proofreading job.

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