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Event Technology Trends for 2018

We all know that event technology will most probably never replace face-to-face interaction but technology is making strides to make our events more meaningful.

Let’s look more closely at some event technology trends that will come to the forefront in 2018-

Facial recognition will be used for matchmaking 

Plenty of algorithms are built to analyze facial features, body language and interpretation. The ability to check a database of faces in real time can speed check-ins while boosting security protocol

AI-powered Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence can be used to help with attendee engagement and provide accurate information effectively.

Collecting Data via RFID

Radio-Frequency Identification will be continued to be used to gather real-time, detailed data during check-in to keep a tab on who is attending the event and to be able to put together a list of attendees after the event.

Event gamification

Event gamification has been picking up speed since 2017 and is known to help user engagement along with boost attendee networking.

Proximity Sensors

These help people identify the people around them while providing useful information about their professional lives.

2018 is half-way through. Which of these have you spotted so far?

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