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Corporate Training Is Now A Necessary Business Enabler

Today, big companies do not consider corporate training programs as simply a privilege but as an essential part of the HR process. They see it as a key component for the long-term investment of their business growth. Many HR managers today regard the training function as a necessary business enabler. However, these managers do not shirk from acknowledging the fact that they have to do plenty of other activities to encourage training opportunities for their manpower. Business leaders have started realizing that training is a necessary investment to build up capability of their employees so that business results can be achieves and their organization can sustain and grow.
According to many studies, one out of every three employees leave their job in the very first year from the date of their joining since they felt disengaged. Most HR managers do not realize that there there is a huge financial implication if employees quit at this phase. It can be actually thrice the salary of such an employee. Plus, the expenses borne by them for retaining the settled and senior employees through training is significantly lower as compared to their replacement cost. Innovative e-training modules and solutions combined with faculty led class-room training programs can lead to amazing outcomes with respect to overall enhancement, productivity and retention of employees.

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