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Business and cultural sensitivity

Globalization has influenced the manner we do business, do work, and negotiate our dealings. It helped many large companies that are multi-nationals. Their employees are spread across the world. Even smaller companies have outsourced their jobs. This cross-cultural context means it is important to treat everyone with sensitivity. It should be kept in mind that people of different nationalities do not communicate the same way.
Lack of cultural sensitivity may lead to business failure. Outsourcing tasks mean collaboration between the on-shore and off-shore teams. A number of factors like time zones, human capital, and travel ease come into play. This can be tricky as one team could interact with different teams from different cultures. To give an example, American employees could interact with Indian and Chinese partners.
Understanding a different culture will also help to get a better expectation of productivity and commitment to work. For example, it is not uncommon for many Southern Europeans to have a snooze while at work. This may last from an hour to two hours. It is vital to pay a close attention to cultural nuances. This could make a difference between success and failure in many countries. Better business is a surety if you understand the culture you are doing business with.

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