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Interpretation systems

Interpretation systems are popular all over the world for simultaneous interpretation and hearing support. Infrared technology is used for this purpose. These are professional equipment and only a few manufacturers get the technology right.
For any international meeting, simultaneous interpretation is a must. Infrared wireless transmission makes a better alternative than standard hard-wired systems. The former is secure and transmitted information is kept confidential. This is as the infrared light is confined within that specific meeting room. The proceedings cannot be heard by anyone outside the room. This permits systems being used in adjacent rooms to be perfect without crashing into one another. Since the receivers are wireless, participants get the coveted freedom of movement.
Most manufacturers sell infrared analog systems in both digital and analog technologies. The analog permits four channels. The digital permits 32 channels. These can also be used to help people hard of hearing. Infrared systems ensure that every speaker can be understood. Conference participants can hear and then follow every word from their respective interpreters. Receivers are generally sold in two models: bodypack receivers and stethoset receivers. The stethoset blend both receiver and headphone in a single unit. Bodypack receivers are handheld or work in a shirt pocket or even around one’s neck.

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