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Mental Health Vocabulary 2nd Edition

We could all do with a few lessons on mental health conditions that seem to be plaguing the human race today more than ever before. Depression is an epidemic with millions around the world suffering from it. However, it’s not the only mental health complaint reported among people. Let’s look at some more –
ASD – Antisocial Personality Disorder is a mental health diagnosis which indicates an individual who devalues and exploits other people for their own personal gains
Combat Fatigue – Combat Fatigue is common in soldiers who come back home after fighting a war.
Kleptomania – A condition where an individual feels compelled to steal.
Megalomania – The mental state where an individual suffers from illusions of grandeur about himself.
Munchausen’s syndrome – A medical diagnosis where a person who isn’t really ill pretends to be so for sympathy and help from their peers.
Persecution complex – An illness where you believe that people are out to persecute you for imagined wrongdoings.
Tourette’s Syndrome – A person suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome makes movements and sounds that they cannot consciously control by themselves
Shell shock – Another mental health terminology borrowed from the battleground, which refers to a state of severe anxiety, confusion, and inability to make decisions.

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