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Why Should An Employee Dress Well Even During Online Remote Meetings?

Many researchers claim that how an employee dresses up has a big impact on their work ethic and attitude on the basis of their studies conducted. It also means that employees need to reconsider their dress codes during office hours.

Dressing style has an impact on cognitive style

A study conducted at California State University and Northridge, Columbia inferred that clothing has a big influence on people’s ability and thoughts. It has an impact on how other people (co-workers and prospects) perceive you as well as how you perceive yourself. Studies have also demonstrated that workers feel more productive, trustworthy and authoritative while they were dressed in business suits since it gives an impression of forcefulness and aggression.
Thus, dressing up formally for an online remote meeting or a video conference should improve your level of confidence. It will also help the audience to consider you as a thorough professional. You need to create a good impression in remote or online meetings.
The way you dress up in your online meetings will depend on the kind of impact you want to create. It should depend on the kind of psychological perception your audience should have. For instance, address shirt will be a great choice for creatives as well as professionals.

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