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Why Learning Foreign Languages is Vital For Diplomacy

A diplomat’s job used to be synonymous with fluency in several languages. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. English may be the universal language, but it helps to know a few other languages when you’re applying for a job in diplomacy. Here is why-
You will be representing your native country – It’s unfair to go to a different country and expect the natives to talk to you in your language. If you know the local tongue and can use it to communicate with them, you should do so. It will leave a favorable impact on the local population and they will hold you in high regard for respecting their culture.
Language is a window to culture – In fact, language is often referred to as verbal culture. You will find each culture has language expressions unique to them that reflect their unique cultural practices and traditions. Also, knowing the language of the place you’ll be traveling to opens up avenues for cultural interaction that may not have been possible otherwise.
You don’t compulsorily need to know different languages to be a diplomat, but it sure helps! Learning a new language can help widen your perspective and see the world from a different point of view, you weren’t aware of.

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