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How are languages revived?

Colonization, the preferential treatment of a singular language by the government, the dictates of urbanization and globalization have all contributed to the decline of local languages worldwide.  Some of these languages are dead, others are facing extinction. How are language communities to revitalize these languages and preserve their language traditions. Let’s find out –
Feel proud of their language heritage. Language communities need to tap into their language pride and not get swept away by state language impositions. Only a language community appreciative of their mother tongue can preserve their language for future generations by speaking and practicing it.
Train their progeny in their native language. If the community elders are unable to encourage the younger lot to carry forward their language tradition, the language will be lost to the world. Interest needs to be inculcated among the younger generation so they can, in turn, propagate the language to their next generation.
Others ways linguists can help revive endangered languages is by creating courses for language revival or aid minority communities reclaim their languages. These revived languages will have to adjust according to contemporary culture in order to stay relevant. Multilingualism is beneficial for our cognitive ability and we should always try to acquaint ourselves with more than one dominant language.

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