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What is the Future of Lingual Communication?

Lingual communication the world over is predominantly carried out in English. The hegemony of the English language over other languages is a result of many factors ranging from the British colonization and the American monopoly of the global economy. However, the nature and popularity of languages find themselves altered over time. Will the lingua franca of the world continue to grow and obliterate the use of other local languages? The future will tell.
As of now, English still continues to be the most widely spoken language in the world. Mandarin and Malay are slowly creeping up on its toes though and expanding its number of speakers. English, too, has undergone various changes over the years, as has other less popular languages. The English spoken nowadays is not the Anglicized purebred language of the Britishers, instead, it is more inclusive and suited to the present times. You will find many words from other languages that have entered into regular English vocabulary, several slangs that doff their hat to the contemporary practices and phenomenon. Linguists have even debated whether emojis are slated to become their own language. After all, emojis make up more than half of our written conversations online. Perhaps, lingual communication will make way for more visual communication methods? Nobody knows for sure yet and we can only wait for time to give us decisive answers.

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