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Types Of Multilingualism

refers to the ability to speak multiple languages. An individual or group is
said to be multilingual when they are equally competent in several different
styles. Multilingualism can be divided into certain types.

first classification branches out into receptive multilingualism and productive
multilingualism. Receptive multilingualism indicates that the multilingual
individual or community is able to understand many languages but not
speak/write them so much. It is a passive form of multilingualism.
multilingualism or productive multilingualism is when the multilingual
individual/group can actively communicate in the different languages they
can also be additive or subtractive in nature. Additive multilingualism is when
all languages are spoken and equally valued by the multilingual speaker.
Subtractive multilingualism refers to the phenomenon where, despite speaking a
number of languages, one continues to be more dominant than the others.
is common in border areas. Many multilingual communities arose around the world
as a result of colonization by another nation. As an example, in Africa, the
French expansion brought in French as the official language for all
administrative businesses during their time in the country. Africans received
French instructions in schools at the time and gradually assimilated the
language into their culture.

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