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Are There Any Cons To Multilingualism?

multilingualism is without its drawbacks? Think again. Yes, the ability to
speak multiple languages may benefit you in many areas of your life, but it has
its cons too. Let’s learn about a couple of these below –

might be made to feel unwelcome in monolingual societies
societies like the US associate multilingualism with pro-immigration
sympathies, which they are opposed to. Also, you might be considered elitist if
you practice multiple languages in a monolingual country.
can hamper relationship formation for you
you happen to be multilingual, you will often see other people looking at you
in awe and wonder. They will most often be too intimidated by your knowledge
and skill to befriend you. Also, as a multilingual speaker, you might feel
unchallenged by monolingual speakers and wish to seek out more people like you.
It could be difficult, given, multilingualism is still quite rare and exotic in
our world.
these, you might also struggle to find opportunities to practice your
multi-language skills. However, know that the difficulties mentioned above are
temporary. With globalization, societies can no longer continue to be
monolingual. You might actually be the model citizen for the future, with your
ability to use multiple languages!

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